「IMJ Investment Partners Japan Fund 1号投資事業有限責任組合」を組成いたしました

Establishment of IMJ Investment Partners Japan Fund 1


IMJ Investment Partners Japan LLP (hereafter referred to as “IMJIP Japan”), which manages investments in Japan under IMJ Investment Partners Pte. Ltd. (hereafter referred to as “IMJIP”), hereby announces the completion of an initial JPY 2 billion round of fundraising and the commencement of investment activities of IMJ Investment Partners Japan Fund 1 (hereafter referred to as “IMJIP Japan Fund 1”), a fund focused primarily on investing in startup companies in Japan. IMJIP Japan Fund 1 will continue raising additional funds, up to a total of JPY 6 billion, until the end of this year.

IMJIP has until now focused primarily on investments in startups in Southeast Asia, but in response to a recent increase in activities in Japan, established IMJIP Japan in October last year and began raising IMJIP Japan Fund 1.

IMJIP and IMJIP Japan, unlike typical corporate venture capital firms, independently carry out investment and venture support activities. Hence, IMJIP Japan Fund 1 will target investments throughout the internet and technology sectors, holding as investment themes ①the transformation of large existing industries (finance, healthcare, education, security, printing, housing/real estate, apparel, etc.) and ②the emergence of new technologies with applications across industries (AI, AR/VR, IoT, robotics, O2O, blockchain, etc.). Regarding investment stage, IMJIP Japan Fund 1 will focus primarily on investments in series A round or later.

IMJIP and IMJIP Japan, through IMJIP Japan Fund 1 and the increased focus on domestic investment, aim to further contribute to the development of Japan’s startup ecosystem.


IMJIP Japan Fund 1 Overview

Name IMJ Investment Partners Japan Fund 1
Fund Size Approximately JPY 2 billion  (continuing fundraising up to JPY 6 billion)
Fund life 10 years
Investment Region Primarily within Japan
Investment Stage Primarily series A and later
Investment Sectors Internet/technology (excluding entertainment content businesses)
Principal Members Tomokazu Okuno (General Partner), Hiroshi Oka (Partner)



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